St. Barnabas Hospital Expansion

Ongoing work at the expansive hospital complex in Bronx, NY includes $50 million of construction projects including rehabilitation and new construction to expand the Hospital’s capabilities to serve the residents of the community.

Numerous projects at this Bronx campus includes:

4-story Addition to Main Hospital Building with New Operating Suite, 175 Seat Auditorium, Offices, MEP upgrades and numerous Hospital Support Functions.

Bridge over 3rd Avenue connecting the Main Campus to the Ambulatory Care Center.

Expansion of existing Emergency Room including a new Pediatric Center

Expansion and modernization of the Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center

Physical and Occupational Therapy Suites.

Cardiac Catheterization Unit.

Acute Care MRI Unit.

Invasive Radiology Unit.

Construction of off-site 40 station Hemodialysis Facility.

Rehabilitation of Employee Services Building.

Expansion of Methadone and Addiction Medicine Clinic.