Morris Heights Health Center

Morris Heights Health Center is a community based, not-for-profit health care provider serving the Morris Heights area of the Bronx for over 20 years.

Since 1985, Terjesen Associates designed numerous facilities for MHHC including their first neighborhood health center, a 10,000 SF facility, at the corner of West Burnside Ave and Harrison Ave.

The list of additional projects includes the following:

A 10,000 SF Multi-specialty Health Center at 85 W. Burnside Ave, Bronx, NY

A 12,000 SF Family Health Center at Walton Ave., Bronx, NY.

An 8,000 SF Birthing Center at 70 W. Burnside Ave., Bronx, NY\

3,000 SF Family Health Center on E 233 Street, Bronx, NY

Numerous satellite public school medical and dental clinics in the South Bronx area.

Harrison Circle, a mixed use, 107,000 SF facility was completed in 2012, on the corner of Harrison and West Burnside Avenues – directly across the street from their original site. This new mixed-use facility contains a 70-unit HUD financed senior-housing residence, a 30,000 SF full-service diagnostic and treatment center, 9000 SF retail space, and indoor parking.

Currently under construction is a comprehensive modernization and upgrade of the original 3-story facility @ 85 West Burnside Avenue, to satisfy the evolving needs of the Morris Heights Health Centers.